Autumn Daniel

Welcome to 7th and 8th grade Mathematics!

Contact Information:

Email –

School Phone – 717-349-2363 (ex. 3054)

Important Types of Assignments:

  1. Math Weekly Assignments – A MATH Weekly is a weekly assignment centered around a common topic. One MATH Weekly is due almost every Friday. However, they are sometimes due on a Thursday depending on the school calendar (see attached MATH Weekly schedule for detailed due dates). If you child gets approximately 80% of the questions correct, he or she will receive 100% on the assignment. Anything more than 80% correct, will result in extra credit points (Exactly how many questions a student needs to get 100% is clearly written at the top of each MATH Weekly assignment). *MATH Weekly Assignments MUST be completed in PENCIL and utilize a T-CHART to show a student’s answer and justification (justification can be work or an explanation). Answers without justification are not accepted for credit. All questions on a MATH Weekly assignment must be attempted or the assignment is considered incomplete and late. Students are given the assignments early, so that there is time for help. Instructional videos to help your student with his/her MATH Weekly assignments are available on my website at: (NO WWW.)
  2. Dailies – Each day when your child enters our classroom, he/she will receive one daily vocabulary word and one problem of the day. After every 5 days, your child will have a review day, followed by a quiz on the next school day. The quiz will consist of defining two of the five vocabulary words and showing or explaining how to do two of the five problems of the day. Your child will have a slip of paper with all vocabulary terms and problems, as well as correct definitions and answers in his or her notebook to study from. For the dailies vocabulary terms and problems, click on this link: Dailies Year 2 Parent-Student Version.

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