Annual Public Notice


Fannett Metal School District

Annual Notice of Special Education Programs Provided to Students

A wide range of special education programs and services are provided by the Fannett Metal School District. Programs provided directly by the district include learning support and gifted support. Occupational therapy, physical therapy, and other related services are provided to students requiring these services in order to access their educational programs. Additionally, the district contracts with the Lincoln Intermediate Unit # 12 to provide programs and services for exceptional students needing autistic support, emotional support, hearing impaired support, life skills support, multiple disabilities support, speech/language support, and visually impaired support. The Lincoln Intermediate Unit also provides early intervention services for eligible preschool children.

A variety of screening activities takes place in an effort to identify students who may be at-risk. All students who register for kindergarten undergo screening to determine each child’s developmental level in language, visual, and motor areas. Vision screening is conducted on a yearly basis for all students. Hearing screenings are conducted yearly from kindergarten through third grade, then in seventh and eleventh grade. Additionally, programs are provided by the Lincoln Intermediate Unit to identify preschool children who may need early intervention services.

If a student is experiencing difficulties in the learning environment, an instructional support team is convened to address the problem. This building level team reviews records and diagnostic data and collects additional information to assist in the identification of the problem. Adaptations may be made in the student’s educational program and monitored over a period of time. If the student’s problem cannot be resolved through interventions in the regular program, a referral for a multidisciplinary evaluation may be made.

Parents may request a multidisciplinary evaluation. Such requests should be in writing, stating the reason(s) an evaluation is being requested, and submitted to the principal.

In accordance with the School Records Policy of the Fannett Metal School District, information, obtained regarding a specific child is maintained in a confidential manner. The Student Records Policy incorporates provisions from state, as well as federal regulations relating to the confidentiality of students’ records.

For additional information regarding special education and services in the Fannett Metal District, contact Mrs. Teresa Black, Director of Special Education and Student Support Services, at 349-3087.