Spelling Lists

In 6th grade we alternate spelling and vocabulary.  You will get a spelling list the Friday before you are tested on it.  You will have homework due on Tuesday.  This will be a sentence using each spelling word correctly.  You will have a pretest on Wednesday.  Thursday 10x each with every word you got wrong on the pretest.  Friday will be a final test for everyone who did not get a 100% on Wednesday.

The next week will be a vocabulary week.  You will be responsible for knowing the definition of the spelling words from the week before.  On Tuesday, you will have a homework assignment that correlates to the vocabulary list.  On Thursday, you will have test on your knowledge of the definition of the words.

Weeks that are less than 5 days a week is up to teacher discretion as to whether or not we will have a spelling/vocabulary week.



Mrs. Starr

List 1 spelling

Spelling list 2

Spelling list 3

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List 7 spelling

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