Thrive 4 Five

            Student motivation to perform well on standardized assessment is a problem in many schools. The State feels that tying satisfactory performance on the state assessment to the graduation requirements of the school is one method to use to improve student motivation. While this may work for some it has not proven to have an overall positive effect on student performance. Reward and/or recognition for improved performance is another motivator. If students have an opportunity to receive recognition and reward for improved performance, they may be more apt to focus on learning and do better on the state assessment.

That is why we are introducing a new campaign tied to our SWEBS program that is focused on improving student performance at the Fannett-Metal schools. Our goal is to raise the overall School Performance Profile by 5 points annually in each of our three buildings. If we are able to raise money to support student recognition efforts here in our school, we feel that students will feel more appreciated and be more motivated to learn and do better on the state assessments. Proceeds from adult fund-raisers will be used to reward improvements in individual student scores on the PSSA or Keystone exams.