Beginning of the year

Beginning of Year


a                                                          about                                                  after

all                                                        an                                                        and

are                                                       as                                                         at

be                                                        because                                               been

but                                                      by                                                        came

come                                                   could                                                   day

did                                                       do                                                        down

for                                                       from                                                    get

go                                                        going                                                   got

had                                                      has                                                      have

he                                                        her                                                      him

his                                                       house                                                  how

I                                                           if                                                          in

into                                                      is                                                          it

its                                                        just                                                      like

little                                                     look                                                     make

man                                                     many                                                   may

me                                                       mom                                                    my

no                                                        not                                                       now

of                                                         off                                                       on

one                                                      other                                                   our

out                                                       over                                                     put     

said                                                     saw                                                      see

she                                                       so                                                         some

than                                                    that                                                     the

their                                                    them                                                    then

there                                                   these                                                    they

this                                                      to                                                         too

two                                                      up                                                        us

very                                                     was                                                      we

went                                                    were                                                    what

when                                                   which                                                  who

will                                                      with                                                     would

you                                                      your