Weekly Math Lessons



Weekly Math Lessons    12/11-12/15

5A   (Third class of the day)

M :Less. 4.7, Multiplying decimals

T: Less. 4.8: Multiplying decimals

W : Chapter review, Multiplying with decimals

Th & F: Chapter 4 test

5B   (Second class of the day)

M: Less. 5.1, Division decimal patterns

T: Less. 5.2, dividing decimals by whole number

W:  Less. 5.3, dividing decimals by whole number

Th: Less. 5.4, dividing decimals by whole number

F: Mid-chapter review


5C: (1st Math Class of the Day)

M: Less. 6.1, Pre-fraction lesson: common denominators

T : Less. 6.2, Pre-fraction lesson: common denominators

W: Less. 6.3, estimation w/ fractions

Th: Less. 6.4, common denominators

F: Less. 6.5, adding and subtracting fractions