Fall Harvest Party Letter

                 Fall Harvest Party

Our class would like to have a Fall Harvest Party on October 28th in addition to the school Fall Festival.  Our class will visit the school Fall Festival from 1:45-2:45, so our classroom party will be from 11:00-11:50.  I would like to have some snacks and a craft at our classroom party.  Our party will be directly before our lunch time, so I do not want to “overdue it” on snacks.  If you would like to donate one of the items below for snacks, it would be greatly appreciated.  After I have looked at all of the returned donation forms, then I will send a note home with your child about what you may donate for our party.


One of the students in our class suggested we make slime as our craft at the party and the rest of the class eagerly agreed.  I am asking if you could send one bottle of glue to school with your child for the slime craft.  I will purchase the rest of the supplies.  Your child will need one 4oz (regular size) bottle of liquid glue.  Your child can choose if they want clear or white glue, depending on the color of slime he/she wants to make.  If you are unable to send a bottle of glue to school with your child, please mark on the form below and I will gladly get a bottle of glue for him/her.

Thank you for helping us to have a wonderful classroom Fall Harvest Party!

Mrs. Melanie Ramsey


Please return this form by October 21.


Child’s Name ________________________________________


I would like to donate……………..


_______ Paper Plates                                    _______ cookies/brownies

_______ Napkins                                            _______ Juice/ fruit punch/lemonade

_______ Plastic cups                                     ________ other ________________

_______ chips                                                 _______ pretzels


_________ I am not able to send a bottle of glue to school.