Scientific and Technical Texts


In the afternoons, Mrs. Rotz’s upper elementary classes are reviewing concepts and skills important to understanding both fiction and nonfiction.  Her classes are currently working on scientific and technical texts.  Students are learning about real-life examples such as recipes, directions for setting up gaming consoles, science textbooks, and experiments. They are learning how to read these nonfiction texts by finding the main idea, understanding text structure and graphic features, and by reviewing the concept of domain-specific vocabulary.

Mrs. Rotz’s third-grade class has read about ants and their use of pheromones to travel to food and water sources and an experiment to see how ants react when their pheromone trail is blocked. Her fourth-grade class will be reading about hydroponics, or plants grown in water, and an experiment about using hydroponics to grow herbs.

If you want to hear more about what they are learning, ask a third or fourth grader!