Parental Letter on Tik Tok Challenges


Dear Person(s) of Parental Consent:

I wanted to make all parents and guardians aware of the Social Media Tik Tok App challenge that transpired last month.  This social media challenge was to steal items from or deface school restrooms and then post the actions on Tik Tok.  These acts of vandalism were called ‘devious licks’.  We were not completely immune to this behavior and did have one minor incident here at the secondary building in September.  This isolated incident was handled using the appropriate disciplinary measures as set forth and outlined in the Parent Student Handbook (pages 16-24).

Apparently, listed on the Social Media Tik Tok App are a list of ‘monthly’ challenges for students to consider and perform, please see the list below.  Unfortunately, there has already been one reported incident related to the October challenge that made the national news media (Newsweek) and it was at an elementary school in Lancaster.

The main purpose of this correspondence is to alert parents and guardians to these ‘challenges’ that are out on social media, but also provide everyone with the school’s stance with disciplining students who decide to engage in such inappropriate behavior.   Make no mistake, displays of this type of behavior is highly inappropriate and has no place in the school setting whatsoever and will not be tolerated.

If students decide to engage in vandalism (September, February, March, April) or sexual harassment (October, November, December, January) the school district will then be obligated to treat this type of behavior as such.  Under the School Discipline Code, the discipline for this type of behavior is to be administered at a minimum Level II infraction with either three days of In School (ISS) or Out of School Suspension (OSS) and up to a maximum Level IV infraction with more extensive ISS/OSS and mandatory reporting/contact with the Pennsylvania State Police.          

Lastly, I would ask that parents and guardians have an open discussion with your child(ren) about the inappropriateness of these challenges and please discuss the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior.  If you have any questions relative to this, please do not hesitate to contact your building administrator. (10421 Parental Letter on Tik Tok Challenges)

Tik Tok Challenge Monthly List
Month Challenge
August Sleep in and be late to school
September Mess up a toilet/vandalize a restroom at school (devious licks trend)
October Smack a staff member on the behind
November Kiss your friend’s girlfriend in school
December “Deck the halls and show your balls” in the school halls
January Jab a breast
February Mess up school signs
March Make a mess in the courtyard or cafeteria
April Grab some ‘eggs’ (This is another theft challenge)
May Ditch Day
June Flip off the front office
July Spray a neighbor’s fence