Kindergarten’s Virtual Field Trip to Fifala Farm


On Thursday, May 14th, 2020, Cindy Jewart of Whoa Nellie Equine Services at Fifala Farm graciously donated her time to do an optional virtual field trip for the Fannett-Metal Kindergarteners. Joining her was Meghan Winlack and family, coordinators of boarding services, at Fifala Farm! During the awesome virtual field trip, students first discussed what they already knew about horses. Then, Cindy talked and modeled for students the supplies needed to care for and ride horses. Cindy also included information about different breeds of horses and their unique characteristics. Students were able to meet each breed as well. Students were also able to watch an equestrian ride a horse, learn about the diet of horses, how to groom horses, and ask their own questions about horses. We are very thankful for the generous donation of time by Cindy Jewart. If you are interested in riding lessons or horse training at Fifala Farm (located between Fannettsburg and Fort Loudon), contact Cindy at 717-729-4473 or For boarding options at Fifala Farm, contact Meghan Winlack at 1-410-212-6200. To Fifala Farm and Cindy Jewart, thank you once again for bringing the joy of learning to the kindergarteners at FM! We are FM proud to have been given the opportunity to teach our kindergarteners alongside all of you at Fifala Farm.