Kids Heart Challenge


Kids Heart Challenge, previously known as Jump Rope for Heart, is organized by the American Heart Association and is typically held in gym classes across the US.  The money raised goes straight to the American Heart Association.  They use that money in funding research and for families with a child that has a heart defect.  KHC isn’t just about raising money.  It is also used to promote and develop healthy habits in children through physical activity, healthy eating, and even mental health.  KHC encourages students to make good choice as well as being kind to others.

Fun Facts:

  • This year’s KHC goal was $1,000.
  • Total money raised was $2,393.57.
  • Mrs. Cook’s class had the most students register online, so they were invited to watch the final assembly in person.
  • Miss Miller’s class raised the most money ($957.76) and won an extra gym class.
  • The top 3 earners for this year’s Kids Heart Challenge were
    • 3rd place – Myla Neil ($206)
    • 2nd place – Tripp Carbaugh ($330)
    • 1st place – Walker Appleby ($566)

  •  Students reached their $1,000 goal, so Mrs. Shoemaker and Mrs. Glenny received pies in the face by the top earner, Walker Appleby. 🙂