Fourth Grade Fluency


During guided reading, Mrs. Rotz’s fourth-graders have been working on a fluency program, The Six-Minute Solution: A Reading Fluency Program. The goal is to improve reading fluency—smoothly, easily, and quickly. The program has students reread a passage several times. This rereading practice does not make their reading perfect, but it does help them better their fluency rate. The fourth-grade fluency goal for the end of the year is 115 wpm (words per minute).

First, a passage is selected by the teacher and the student is timed for one-minute noting any errors (accuracy) and discusses the errors with the student. The student then records their fluency and accuracy scores on their graph and continues to practice the same passage several more times during guided reading. The student will be tested again and again to reach the fluency and accuracy. The students will stay on the passage until they meet the goals twice before a new passage is selected.

Samples of story, graph, and a few pictures of what is looks like in Mrs. Rotz’s classroom are below.

Fluency Record